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page loads twice in Google chrome

Does anyone have any problems with Page_Load being executed twice in Google Chrome?
It’s a short question, i do not know what else to explain…

I have a simple page and in Firefox and IE all it’s working fine.
But in Chrome the Page_Load is fired twice…

Anyone has any ideas why?

Later EDIT:
– what is strange is that i have 4 repeaters… binded with random values. The random methods are twice fired (because of page loaded twice) but the repeaters takes the INITIALLY values…so, the 2nd post back is somehow raised after the rendering step.

3rd edit: It happens ONLY at the refresh!

Solution (in my case): There was an empty img src, and that was the cause

I notice this same issue in IE if the page contains img tags that don’t have a src attribute (or the src is empty, etc). Not sure if Chrome does the same thing, but worth checking, right?