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Pass in implicit wait to expected conditions like stalenessOf?

We can pass in a timeout for a failing expected condition:

browser.wait(EC.stalenessOf(elementThatIsNotStale), 3000, 'Error: Element was found in the dom');

Can we pass in a value to override the implicit timeout that is currently being used on success?
I.e., I would like to make sure an element is not attached to the dom, but I would not like to wait for the 30s that our implicit timeout is set to. I would like too pass in both the fail and the pass timer:

browser.wait(EC.stalenessOf(elementThatIsStale), 3000, 3000, 'Error: Element was found in the dom');

This way it only checks for 3 seconds, regardless of pass or fail, before returning the results.

Is there a way to pass in an implicit timeout override?