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PHP’s json_encode does not escape all JSON control characters

Is there any reasons why PHP’s json_encode function does not escape all JSON control characters in a string?

For example let’s take a string which spans two rows and has control characters (\r \n ” / \) in it:

$s = <<<END
First row.
Second row w/ "double quotes" and backslash: \.
$s = json_encode($s);
echo $s;
// Will output: "First row.\r\nSecond row w\/ \"double quotes\" and backslash: \\."

Note that carriage return and newline chars are unescaped. Why?

I’m using jQuery as my JS library and it’s $.getJSON() function will do fine when you fully, 100% trust incoming data. Otherwise I use’s library json2.js like everybody else.
But if you try to parse that encoded string it throws an error:

<script type="text/javascript">
JSON.parse(<?php echo $s ?>); // Will throw SyntaxError

And you can’t get the data! If you remove or escape \r \n ” and \ in that string then JSON.parse() will not throw error.

Is there any existing, good PHP function for escaping control characters. Simple str_replace with search and replace arrays will not work.

D’oh – you need to double-encode: JSON.parse is expecting a string of course:

<script type="text/javascript">
JSON.parse(<?php echo json_encode($s) ?>);