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Programmatically close aspx page from code behind

What is the best way to close an ASPX page from the code-behind?

I have a button event handler that I want to close the page after the user has clicked an ASP.NET button on the page. I have tried to programmatically add a JavaScript method that contains a window.close() command to the OnClientClick event to close the page but it does not work. The button is also a asp:AsyncPostBoskTrigger for an AJAX Update Panel.

The application uses .NET Framework 3.5.

UPDATE: I have taken all of your input and came up with the following solution:

In code behind:

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)    
Page.ClientScript.RegisterOnSubmitStatement(typeof(Page), "closePage", "window.onunload = CloseWindow();");

In aspx page:

function CloseWindow() {