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PYODBC to Pandas – DataFrame not working – Shape of passed values is (x,y), indices imply (w,z)

I used pyodbc with python before but now I have installed it on a new machine ( win 8 64 bit, Python 2.7 64 bit, PythonXY with Spyder).

Before I used to (at the bottom you can find more real examples):

columns = [column[0] for column in cursor.description]
temp = cursor.fetchall()
data = pandas.DataFrame(temp,columns=columns)

and it would work fine. Now it seems like DataFrame is not able to convert from the data fetched from the cursor anymore. It returns:

Shape of passed values is (x,y), indices imply (w,z)

I kind of see where the issue is. Basically, imagine I fetch only one row. Then DataFrame would like to shape it (1,1), one element only. While I would like to have (1,X) where X is the length of the list.

I am not sure why the behavior changed. Maybe it is the Pandas version I have, or the pyodbc, but updating is problematic. I tried to update some modules but it screws up everything, any method I use (binaries–for the right machine/installation–pip install, easy-install,anything! etc.. which is very frustrating indeed. I would probably avoid Win 8 64 bit from now on for Python).

Real examples:

sql="Select * form TABLE"
columns = [column[0] for column in cursor.description]
data = cursor.fetchall()
results = DataFrame(data, columns=columns)

* ValueError: Shape of passed values is (1, 1540), indices imply (51, 1540)

Notice that:

ipdb> type(data)
<type 'list'>
ipdb> np.shape(data)
(1540, 51)
ipdb> type(data[0])
<type 'pyodbc.Row'>

Now, for example, if we do:

ipdb> DataFrame([1,2,3],columns=['a','b','c'])

* ValueError: Shape of passed values is (1, 3), indices imply (3, 3)

and if we do:

ipdb> DataFrame([[1,2,3]],columns=['a','b','c'])

a b c
0 1 2 3

However, even trying:

ipdb> DataFrame([data[0]], columns=columns)
*** ValueError: Shape of passed values is (1, 1), indices imply (51, 1)


ipdb> DataFrame(data[0], columns=columns)
*** PandasError: DataFrame constructor not properly called!

Please help 🙂 Thanks!