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RecyclerView – get all existing views/viewholders

I want to update the RecyclerView while it’s displaying data, in my case, I show images with or without labels.

Defaultly I set the visibility of the label when I create the view holder and that’s fine, but I want the user to change the labels visibility through the menu while the RecyclerView is shown, so I want to manually update the visibility for all existing views in the RecyclerView.

Can I somehow get all existing Views? I need all, not only the visible ones, I don’t want that a later recycled View is not updated…

In adapter class:

Boolean isVisible = false;
public CustomAdapter(boolean isVisible) {
this.isVisible= isVisible;
public void onBindViewHolder(ViewHolder holder, final int position) {
if (isVisible){
public void updateVisibility(boolean newValue){
isVisible= newValue;

In Activity where you want to update the value where the adapter is instantiated: