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res.redirect is not a function in express

I’m currently trying to redirect to an external site with node and express specifically in a get call. However, I can’t seem to find a possible solution. Any help would be appreciated. Note that when trying response.redirect I’m getting TypeError: res.redirect is not a function. However, when I view the express documentation it seems to be in there.

    app.get('/:urlToForward', (res, req, next)=>{
//Stores the value of param
// var shorterUrl = res.params.urlToForward;
// shortUrl.findOne({'shorterUrl': shorterUrl}, (err,data)=>{
// // if (err) {
// // res.send("This shorterUurl does not exist.");
// // }
// // else {
// // res.redirect(301, data.originalUrl);
// // }
// // response.end();
// });