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Response::json() – Laravel 5.1

I am trying to return Response::json('data', $request); however, I am getting an error:

FatalErrorException in ProjectsController.php line 74:
Call to undefined method Illuminate\Http\Response::json()

Where is the Response::json() is located? What am I doing wrong?

use the helper function in laravel 5.1 instead:

return response()->json(['name' => 'Abigail', 'state' => 'CA']);

This will create an instance of \Illuminate\Routing\ResponseFactory. See the phpDocs for possible parameters below:

* Return a new JSON response from the application.
* @param string|array $data
* @param int $status
* @param array $headers
* @param int $options
* @return \Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Response
* @static
public static function json($data = array(), $status = 200, $headers = array(), $options = 0){
return \Illuminate\Routing\ResponseFactory::json($data, $status, $headers, $options);