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router.use TypeError: Cannot read property ‘use’ of undefined

I’m new to node.js, experts, please help.
I’m preparing a code to do user sync based on node.js + AWS Cognito + Facebook Login. I tried an example from this link.

Every step runs smooth until “facebook sing in with passport” section

var express = require('express');
var router = express.Router();
var passport = require('passport');

After adding this part in the example, I run “npm start”, the following error appeared:

TypeError: Cannot read property 'use' of undefined

What’s the meaning of “Cannot read property”? How to fix the problem?
Thank in advance.

After few experts help here, I can solve the problem:

  • re-install express

I used npm install -g [email protected] command yesterday, so it make my global setting to express version 3. I uninstall and install express again first.

npm uninstall -g [email protected]
npm uninstall -g express
npm install -g express
npm install -g express-generator

  • Remove local node_modules

After step 1, same problem is still exist, I found that i installed express 3.x in local working folder before, so I create a new working folder, restart the example code again, problem is gone