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Set data to empty string on vuetify text field clearable?

I have a v-data-table bound to a search prop, and a v-text-field with clearable set. When I clear the text field with the clearable icon-button, v-text-field sets the search prop to null, causing my computed prop to error out with:

Cannot read property toLowerCase() of null

How can I set the search prop back to an empty string instead of null when the clearable icon is clicked?


<v-text-field solo hide-details single-line v-model="search" clearable>
<v-data-table :search="search" class="mt-2" :items="myArray" hide-actions hide-headers elevation-1>
<template v-slot:items="props">
export default {
props: ['parameter'],
data() {
return {
search: ''
computed: {
myArray() {
let myArray = []
if(this.parameter) {
myArray = this.parameter.filter((download) => {
return download.barcode.includes(;
return myArray;