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Set up large database in MySQL for analysis in R

I have reached the limit of RAM in analyzing large datasets in R. I think my next step is to import these data into a MySQL database and use the RMySQL package. Largely because I don’t know database lingo, I haven’t been able to figure out how to get beyond installing MySQL with hours of Googling and RSeeking (I am running MySQL and MySQL Workbench on Mac OSX 10.6, but can also run Ubuntu 10.04).

Is there a good reference on how to get started with this usage? At this point I don’t want to do any sort of relational databasing. I just want to import .csv files into a local MySQL database and do the subsetting in with RMySQL.

I appreciate any pointers (including “You’re way off base!” as I’m new to R and newer to large datasets… this one’s around 80 mb)