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Should we be converting to PostgreSQL from MySQL?

Now that MySQL is in Oracle’s hands, do you think it’s a good idea to switch to using PostgreSQL for new applications instead? (Also what do you think about converting existing applications?)

I’ve used both DB systems before and while PostgreSQL is great for it’s licensing terms and standards compliance, MySQL is definitely easier to get up and running quickly. (I make this as a personal observation, I know you might disagree…)


I should clarify… I don’t want this to be a MySQL/PostgreSQL is better than PostgreSQL/MySQL debate. I like both DB systems and am happy using both (and really for the complexity of most of the applications I’m working on, it’s much of a muchness). I’m just in a position where I’m trying to look forward and consider the stability of my technology base before committing myself to a particular course. If you have gone through a similar process and have some kind of migration plan in mind I would like to hear from you regarding what that is and why you decided on it.