node.js zip

Simplest way to download and unzip files in Node.js cross-platform?

Just looking for a simple solution to downloading and unzipping .zip or .tar.gz files in Node.js on any operating system.

Not sure if this is built in or I have to use a separate library. Any ideas? Looking for just a couple lines of code so when the next zip file comes that I want to download in node, it’s a no brainer. Feel like this should be easy and/or built in, but I can’t find anything. Thanks!

Checkout adm-zip.

ADM-ZIP is a pure JavaScript implementation for zip data compression for NodeJS.

The library allows you to:

  • decompress zip files directly to disk or in-memory buffers
  • compress files and store them to disk in .zip format or in compressed buffers
  • update content of/add new/delete files from an existing .zip