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Single line if statement in Swift

How would one convert the following to Swift from Objective-C?

if (myVar) return;

Swift does not use parentheses around the conditional, however the following code gives an error.

if myVar return 

In Swift the braces aren’t optional like they were in Objective-C (C). The parens on the other hand are optional. Examples:

Valid Swift:

if someCondition {
// stuff
if (someCondition) {
// stuff

Invalid Swift:

if someCondition 
// one liner
if (someCondition)
// one liner

This design decision eliminates an entire class of bugs that can come from improperly using an if statement without braces like the following case, where it might not always be clear that something‘s value will be changed conditionally, but somethingElse‘s value will change every time.

Bool something = true
Bool somethingElse = true
if (anUnrelatedCondition)
something = false
somethingElse = false
print something // outputs true
print somethingElse // outputs false