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SonarQube rule: “Using command line arguments is security-sensitive” in Spring Boot application

SonarQube is just showing a Critical security issue in the very basic Spring Boot application. In the main method.

public class Application {
public static void main(String[] args) {, args);

SonarQube wants me to Make sure that command line arguments are used safely here.

I searched this on both StackOverflow and Google, and I am surprised that I couldn’t find any single comment about this issue. I am almost sure that there are some security checks inside the method already. And also, I don’t even remember that anyone sanitizes the main method arguments before calling I simply want to tag it as false positive and move on.

Part of this question is also asked here: SonarQube shows a secuirty error in Spring Framework controllers and in Spring Framework Application main class

Is it false positive?