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Sorting a DropDownList? – C#, ASP.NET

I’m curious as to the best route (more looking towards simplicity, not speed or efficiency) to sort a DropDownList in C#/ASP.NET – I’ve looked at a few recommendations but they aren’t clicking well with me.

Edit: Folks, I do not have control over how the data comes into the DropDownList – I cannot modify the SQL.

If you get a DataTable with the data, you can create a DataView off of this and then bind the drop down list to that. Your code would look something like…

DataView dvOptions = new DataView(DataTableWithOptions);
dvOptions.Sort = "Description";
ddlOptions.DataSource = dvOptions;
ddlOptions.DataTextField = "Description";
ddlOptions.DataValueField = "Id";

Your text field and value field options are mapped to the appropriate columnns in the data table you are receiving.