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Spring – server.connection-timeout not working

In my file I have…


I know that the file is being loaded correctly because the server is running on port 8086.

In the application I have a RestController

class TestController {
fun getValues(): ResponseEntity<*> {
return someLongRunningProcessPossiblyHanging()

When I call the endpoint, the request never times out, it just hangs indefinitely.

Am I missing something?

NOTE: I’ve also been informed that Tomcat uses this field in minutes, not milliseconds (rather unusual choice IMO). I’ve tried setting this to server.connection-timeout=1 denoting 1 minute, but this didn’t work either.

NOTE: I don’t want another HTTP request to cause the previous request to time out, I want each HTTP request to timeout of it’s own accord, should too much time elapse to serve the request.