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Storing Pandas objects along with regular Python objects in HDF5

Pandas has a nice interface that facilitates storing things like Dataframes and Series in an HDF5:

random_matrix  = np.random.random_integers(0,10, m_size)
my_dataframe = pd.DataFrame(random_matrix)
store = pd.HDFStore('some_file.h5',complevel=9, complib='bzip2')
store['my_dataframe'] = my_dataframe

But if I try to save some other regular Python objects in the same file, it complains:

my_dictionary = dict()
my_dictionary['a'] = 2 # <--- ERROR
my_dictionary['b'] = [2,3,4]
store['my_dictionary'] = my_dictionary


TypeError: cannot properly create the storer for: [_TYPE_MAP] [group->/par
ameters (Group) u'',value-><type 'dict'>,table->None,append->False,kwargs-

How can I store regular Python data structures in the same HDF5 where I store other Pandas objects ?