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SwiftUI: NavigationLink pops immediately if used within ForEach

I’m using a NavigationLink inside of a ForEach in a List to build a basic list of buttons each leading to a separate detail screen.

When I tap on any of the list cells, it transitions to the detail view of that cell but then immediately pops back to the main menu screen.

Not using the ForEach helps to avoid this behavior, but not desired.

Here is the relevant code:

struct MainMenuView: View {
private let menuItems: [MainMenuItem] = [
MainMenuItem(type: .type1),
MainMenuItem(type: .type2),
MainMenuItem(type: .typeN),
var body: some View {
List {
ForEach(menuItems) { item in
NavigationLink(destination: self.destination(item.destination)) {
MainMenuCell(menuItem: item)
// Constructs destination views for the navigation link
private func destination(_ destination: ScreenDestination) -> AnyView {
switch destination {
case .type1:
return factory.makeType1Screen()
case .type2:
return factory.makeType2Screen()
case .typeN:
return factory.makeTypeNScreen()