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Terminate PHP script on server through AJAX call

I have written a PHP script to import large amount of data. The import process is triggered through Ajax call and the ajax request keep on waiting for the server response. As I am working on a dedicated server so there is no issue of timeout.

The problem is that we require a feature by which we can terminate the import process. For example a stop button on client-side. We thought that if we had killed the waiting ajax call then the process on the server will also stop as there is no request to serve. But unfortunately that is not the case, the script keeps on executing on server side while the Ajax Request is already killed from client.

Secondly, we use PHP session in this project. Let say if the cancel button requires an Ajax call to another script on the server to stop the process then How could that request will reach server if there is already a waiting ajax request. Php/Apache will hold the second request until the first request cycle is completed.

Note: As per our project architecture we require session_start() on every page. It will be good if anyone can guide on these issues.