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Uploading files over HTTP fails on iOS 8.0.0 GM Safari


Confirmed: This has been fixed on the iOS 8.0.2 update.

Using PUT/POST to upload file(s) over HTTP seems to get stuck on Sending Request Headers on mobile Safari on iOS 8 GM build.

I have an example here:

  • Open an HTTP monitor on your desktop and route your iOS 8 device
    through it
  • Login
  • Add a file
  • Hit Upload
  • It gets stuck on Initializing (which is sending request headers)

This is the case even on

– Try to add a photo to your status and it fails.

This only happens when the request contains a file. This is reproducible irrespective of having multiple enabled/disabled in the file input. Uploads work fine on Chrome on iOS 8.

Did anyone else experience this too? Is there a way to successfully send files over HTTP on iOS 8 Safari?

This was a bug in iOS 8.0.0 and was fixed in 8.0.2. The file body is not included in the request payload, but Content-Length is set as if it is.

See blog post File uploads appear to be broken in Safari on iOS 8.