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Using to store a list of items

I’m working on a page where I need to associate a list of objects with a row of a table, and I’m using jQuery. seems to just associate a piece of data with a key, whereas I need more like


I don’t know how long the list could be, and it could be empty.

Is there a sensible way of doing this?

You can store anything as jQuery data, so you could do this:

var myData = [ { id: 4, setting: 2 }, [ id:3, setting:1 ] };
$("#myitem").data("mydata", myData);

If you want to select something by id, you could do this:

var myData = {};
myData[4] = 2;
myData[3] = 1;
$("#myitem").data("mydata", myData);

Then you can access your settings like this:

var value = $("#myitem").data("mydata")[3]; // returns 1