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Visual Studio 2013 – execute Model.edmx.sql trough MySQL?

I’m learning the way ADO.NET Models works in Entity Framework with MySQL. I Generate new test model and then select “Generate Database from model”

It produce for me new file “model_name.edms.sql” – actual MySQL script for database creation.

However to execute it I have to “Connect to Server” which by default comes as SQL Server 2012. but in my case I use MySQL and not MS SQL Server. I dont have SQL12 instance, im working with MySQL

How do I change it to connect to MySQL?

P.S. I know I can use “New Query” directly on database and copy / paste content of the file and execute. also I can use MySQL Workbench and tons of other applications, however im working in VS2013 where most of the tools already integrated, I cant believe that SQL files in VS13 can be executed only trough MS SQL12