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Vue.js: Sort a list based on method

I’m fetching some raw data and displaying a list of items. Each item has a complex property that I generate with a method (which is not a computed property). That property might change on user input. Is it possible to sort the items of the list based on that property?


<li v-for="item in items">
<span>{{ calculateComplexProperty(item.time) }}</span>


calculateComplexProperty: function (time) {
// this.distance is an external factor that is not a property of the list item,
// and that can be manipulated by the user
var speed = time * this.distance;
return speed;

So each item has a time value that is manipulated by a global, dynamic factor, “distance”. The idea is to automatically sort the items whenever the “distance” changes and also, to update the “speed” property. Is this possible?