android java shapefile sqlite

Working with ESRI shapefiles in android

Couldn’t find a solution on google or here at stackoverflow …

Anyone knows how can a I handle ESRI shapefiles in android? I’m trying to build a simple shape viewer (for now it’s not necessary to write/create shp), and maybe later overlap the maps on top of google maps on android.

So far I tried openMaps and GeoTools, but with no success. Reading the shapefile and store it inside a SQLite database is also interesting! In fact, so far what I’m doing right now is converting the shapefile to a CSV (outside android, in a computer) and then reading the CSV to SQLite for later reading inside the App.

But it would be very interesting if I could read directly from shape to SQLite (or Shape -> csv -> SQLite) using only android.

Any ideas how can I do that? I don’t have much experience with Java.